Answering the Call

What is the call?
All Christians are called to share the love of Christ. Christ’s last words to his disciples while on earth are to go and make disciples of all people. This includes world missions and missions locally. Melissa and I have served in local mission efforts with our church family for several years. During those years, however, we have always felt like God was calling us to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

What do we do from here?
We have officially begun our application process with Wycliffe. We’ve been working with a recruiter, who has helped us evaluate my skill set and look at what kind of position and location we could best serve. Over the next few weeks we hope to complete our application. At that point we will pray with the people at Wycliffe and get our official assignment. The next step after our application is accepted is a 8 week course called Equip. This course will help us learn how to share our calling and develop ministry partners, who will support us with prayers and/or financial support. Once this training is completed we will begin raising our support for the assignment. There are a few more training courses we may need to complete, and once those are complete and we have reached 100% of our support goal, we will be able to leave for our assignment!

Where will we go?
This is yet undetermined, but for the past ten years we have been praying about service with Wycliffe. During that time Papua New Guinea is the one place that keeps coming to our minds and hearts. We are willing to serve anywhere that God is directing us to go, but at this point it does appear that is Papua, New Guinea (commonly known as PNG). There are several needs In PNG that seem to perfectly fit my skill set.

What will our service look like?
More then likely a technical nature. Information Technology has always been a joy of mine. Solving people’s computer problems and creating applications both have brought me a great deal of joy. Bible Translators can benefit greatly from I.T. specialists in numerous ways, and I look forward to sharing my gifts to aid in the mission of bringing the gospel to every tribe and tongue.

3 thoughts on “Answering the Call

  1. Heather Truett

    This made me all teary eyed, because it is such a wonderful thing to be doing, a wonderful place to possibly be going, and also bc I selfishly do not want Melissa to leave. Also, my screaming tooth pain might be making me a tad delirious, but over all I’d say it’s the idea of you leaving. *sniffle*

    The Truetts will be praying for you. I must admit, I’ve told Corey I’d love to serve a church overseas at some point. So, I completely get that call to go. I pray God will make your path straight as you lean on Him for answers and direction.

  2. Smith

    Awww, Heather, you made me tear up too!! The process will take some time, so we will be around for a bit, but if God does allow us to continue on in this, I will definitely miss you too!

  3. Toni Hill

    I’m totally dittoing Heather word for word minus the stabbing tooth pain! Is that a word? dittoing….? We will certainly keep your family in our prayers as you follow the path that he leads you on.

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