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{Melissa} While Waiting…

We are still waiting to hear back on our Wycliffe application. As I mentioned in this post, our Personnel Administrator indicated that it would take around three weeks for us to hear anything. We have a little less than a week left of that time frame, but it could also be longer.

David shared some of what’s keeping him busy during this time in his post last week.

Honestly, it’s been a very surreal couple of weeks. On the one hand, it is hard to think of anything besides our Wycliffe application. This is just SO HUGE that it is pretty consuming. On the other hand, we have done everything we can do in our application process, so life has sort of returned to normal for now. It’s a very odd feeling!

I’ve spent a lot of the last two weeks dealing with sick kids. All the kids had a cold the week before last. The older three were pretty miserable for about 48 hours, but then felt almost completely better. Nehemiah started to improve after a few days, but then got worse again. He refused to sleep anywhere but in my arms (naps and at night) for two weeks, and we had to sleep in the recliner for the most part to keep him propped up. I ended up having to do a few breathing treatments, and had to take him to the doctor. They decided it was just a sinus infection, but it looks like he is just prone to getting wheezy with colds. This is the third cold in his seventeen months of life that has led to breathing treatments for us.

When I’ve not been dealing with sick munchkins, I’ve been blogging on my other site, Sisters ‘N Cloth. I do product reviews and giveaways, along with natural parenting posts. We are giving away a cloth diaper package right now, so it meant several product reviews at once. I ended up doing a total of six blog posts last week, 5 of them in one day! On a typical week I do 2-3 posts, so it was a bit of a stretch.

Although this waiting season has been hard, I’m thankful for all God is teaching me about Himself. I’ve been reading in Isaiah, and although parts of it are difficult to understand, the overwhelming theme I’ve been impressed with is that God is glorious, righteous, and completely sovereign. He raises leaders and nations for His purposes, and just as easily wipes them away. He is also completely faithful to His people, even when they are faithless to Him! He loves them and does what is for their ultimate good and His ultimate glory at all times. It’s been a wonderful reminder as I look at this situation that He loves us, He is sovereign, and His will is going to be accomplished. I am choosing to rest in that!

[David] While waiting…

Hopefully you saw our post from last week about waiting for our application’s approval. So I’m going to fill you in on how I’ve kept busy the last few days.

I’ve been tasked with beginning a new project. I can’t really tell you any specifics about the project or whom I am doing the project for. Simply because it’s still in silent mode, but I can tell you some of the gory technical details. So the simple needs are I need a phone app. A phone app that runs on Android and iPhone. I need the app to pull data from a third party. Oh and I need it in two weeks. Awesome.

So you may be wondering how I’d pull this off. The short answer: PhoneGap. PhoneGap is an amazing platform that allows you to build native apps. The twist to it is that you build these apps in html 5 and javascript. Then you can move the folder containing this html and javascript to a different platform minus at least one specific javascript file. (I found this out the hard way.) So say you started in Eclipse building an Android application. You decide it’s time to fire up Xcode (assuming you have an Intel Mac), and you copy the html directory into your iOS project. At this point with usually a little tweakage you can have the app running within a few minutes in the simulator. Or so the theory goes. Pretty cool stuff.

Now I’m in the very early stages of this project. That means that I found out about it yesterday. Today the designer and I have begun the bulk of the work. While the designer is off setting up the UI and making it look amazing (he is very talented), I have begun to design the folder hierarchy as well as the stubs for database control and logging.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can unveil this app here to let you take a look.




Three Weeks

We completed our church interview Tuesday, and we both had our membership interviews this week. We feel like all of those went well, and we appreciate your prayers more than you can possibly know!

From this point, our Personnel Administrator will need to conduct an interview with our church leadership, and then he needs to transcribe all the interviews, and make a recommendation to his supervisor on whether our application should be approved or denied. How long that process takes can depend on a few factors, especially as he is also working with two other applicant couples. However, he told me that ball park for those steps to be completed is three weeks. That is just a ball park, and it could easily take less or more time, which we totally understand.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for protection from discouragement during the next few weeks. For David, twelve years of his life have been leading up to this point. For me, about ten years. We are so excited to be here, but it is a scary time as well.

For now we wait (again). I knew we were going to have to get good at this!





Busy week

This week we have three different interviews to complete. Our first is on Tuesday. It’s the church leadership interview. This interview will be done by our pastor. The next two interviews are basically the same. They are our membership interviews to be conducted by our personnel administrator. Melissa has one and I have one. Mine (David) will be on Thursday. Melissa is still working out the scheduling details, but hers will hopefully be on Wednesday. Update: Melissa’s membership interview will be on Wednesday.

Please pray that these interviews go well. There has been a great deal of work, waiting and prayer put into this process. And now it comes down to a moment of truth: Once we get through these two steps then we will officially be member candidates, or we will not.

If accepted as member canidates we move on to the next steps which include our tentative assignment, over arching plans, and medical clearance (this is something to go ahead and start praying about). After that we will be offered official membership. At that point we will have our first round of training called Equip. The course will be six weeks online and then we will have to travel to Orlando for two weeks.

Then the steps multiply, again ;).

Thank you for praying,