Learning from the best!

I have always known that my folks had very hard times when I was little. Last night I had a taste of what that meant for my dad.

First a little back story. Melissa and I  have had trouble with our washer and dryer for the last couple of weeks. Fortunately, they are things that aren’t too hard to fix. I’m just having to learn as I go, so the process is going slowly. Plus we have had to wait on parts to arrive. Dad came over to help me out last night.

While we were putting the washer back together he told me a story about one of those hard times. It was a conversation that sprung from him telling me how the timer worked. It was some years back when the timer went out on their washer. They did not have the $80 or so to replace the timer out right. Which is normally what one does when it goes out. So my dad took it apart. Cleaned each of the contacts inside the timer. Put it back together. Then put it back into the washer. It worked!

As I thought about it this morning, I realized I owe Mom and Dad huge thanks.

  • Thank you, Mom and Dad, for teaching us about faith in God during the hard times and good times.
  • Thank you, Mom and Dad, for teaching us to work hard (even sometimes making us work hard).
  • Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the crazy things you did to be frugal so you could raise three boys!

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