One Fish, Two Fish

It occurred to us a few months ago that none of our kids knew how to swim. And we are moving to…. an island. With lots of rivers. And warm weather year round. Hmmm.

It was definitely time to remedy the situation, so we contacted a friend of ours from church and set up swim lessons for our older three. They had lessons this week. There might have been a bumpy patch during the first day with one of our children (ahem…). Our friend handled it beautifully, and after the first day, all three kids had a great time.

I got to hear lots of “Fishy arms, fishy arms” and renditions of “The Back Flip” song, and count to see how long they could hold their breath. By the end of the week, Isaiah (4) had learned how to float on his back, gotten pretty confident jumping off the diving board, and can get around in the pool for short distances. He’ll definitely need to keep practicing though. Makaylah (9) and Sophia (7) can both swim, turn from swimming onto their backs to float, and then turn back over and keep swimming.

One more step towards Papua New Guinea!

Isaiah getting ready to jump in!

Isaiah getting ready to jump in!

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