Jasper Road Trip

About 6 years ago, David and I moved to Tupelo, MS from Jasper, AL. We left behind an awesome church family that we had grown to love dearly. We realized recently that it had been a few years since we had been able to go for a visit. Some of our friends had not only had babies, but those babies had grown into toddlers… or preschoolers! It was way past time for a visit. Time for a road trip!

Saturday morning we hit the road.


We were blessed with gorgeous weather!


The younger two slept most of the way. The older 3? We might need to work on this whole road trip thing, since we heard lots of noise from the backseat and it was a less than 2 hour drive!

When people ask where I’m “from”, Alabama is about as close as it gets, so this sight always makes me happy! Care to join me in a chorus of “Sweet Home, Alabama”?


And then finally….


We spent Saturday as a family day, giving the kids a chance to practice their swimming in the hotel pool. Sunday morning we had a wonderful time attending both Sunday School and morning service at Northside Baptist Church. It was so much fun seeing the same sweet ladies who rocked Sophia as a baby rocking Talia, and for Nehemiah to have class with the same man who was teaching it when Makaylah was in the two year old class! We also got to hug many necks, and catch up with many old friends. And it was pretty priceless watching each person we ran into do a double take!

Talia is 8 weeks old! She seems pretty excited about attending her fourth church in six weeks of church attendance ;)

Talia is 8 weeks old! She seems pretty excited about attending her fourth church in six weeks of church attendance, doesn’t she?

Northside was our first church home, so it will always have a special place in our hearts! One of the best parts of this missionary journey so far has been the opportunity to fellowship with so many different faith families and be reminded of the beauty of the body of Christ.

We’d be honored to visit with your faith family too, so be sure to call or e-mail us if you’d like us to hit the road again!


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