Shots, Physicals, and Vaccines Oh My!

Our ICC course work ended on February the 28th, so why are we still at JAARS in North Carolina? Well quite simple. We needed to accomplish several medical tasks. First we needed physical examinations. All. of. us. This meant blood work, weight, height, other tests, and for some of us special tests. For Melissa and I that added in lipids as well.

Happily all of our blood work came back great! The kids are all healthy aside from needing to check Sophia’s glasses and be sure the prescription is correct. Melissa’s lipids came back as great except for her good cholesterol was low. My (David) lipids came back even better, but also my good cholesterol was low. Also it was recommended that I loose weight, which was already a goal of mine. In fact the number they gave me was lower then the number I had in mind. Lastly because of the location of PNG and because of some of my family history, I needed to have an EKG. I was nervous that this was the case and that I would not pass. However, God in his graciousness allowed me to pass, and pass well. Nothing to worry about.

Once our physicals were done we needed to begin vaccines which of course were mostly in the form of shots. Some oral, but I turned out to be the only one who is doing the oral vaccine. Shots were not a lot of fun since several of them burned or ached going in, but all of the kids handled it well. Melissa handled it with grace as always. I had to lay down. Hey no one is perfect.

Shots recovery

Now that all of this fun stuff is completed we will be headed back to Tupelo, but not before a quick stop off at my parents place in middle TN for a few days. Sunday we hope to speak briefly at a church near their area. We are excited for the opportunity and look forward to telling them where God has brought us, and where he is leading!

Currently we are at 60% of our budget, so our next major goal is to get to 100%. This way once August rolls around we will be able to go to PNG! Please be praying that God will provide.

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