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May He Grant: May 30th

May 30: Pray that the Lord will provide the staff needed to run Pacific Orientation Course (POC) that we were scheduled to attend in August.

If you’ve seen our newsletter, you know that we are no longer planning on attending the August Pacific Orientation Course, but will instead be heading straight to Ukarumpa, and planning for the January POC.

We do want to ask you to join us in praying for the August POC staffing situation, however. We have several friends scheduled to attend this session, and currently, there is not sufficient staff for the course to be held. There is still time for God to provide staff, and we are praying with our friends that He will do so!

May He Grant: May 29th

May 29: Pray that Makaylah will continue to grow in her relationship with Christ. Ask that she would long for the pure milk of the Word, that she may grow up into her salvation. (1 Peter 2:2).

We prayed earlier this month for the salvation of our youngest four children. We are so thankful that God has already drawn Makaylah to Himself! We appreciate your prayers for her as she continues to grow in her faith.

Makaylah, photo credit: Star Noir Studios

Makaylah, photo credit: Star Noir Studios

Lord, we thank You for saving Makaylah. We know that without Your power at work in her, she would still be lost in her sins and separated from You. We ask that she would never be content to just know about You, but would pursue You passionately and grow in You day by day. May Makaylah put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander. Help her to long for pure spiritual milk, like a newborn infant, that she may grow up into salvation. May she remember and know that she has tasted that the Lord is good! As she comes to Christ, a living stone rejected by men, but in Your sight chosen and precious, we know she will be built up as a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices accepted to You through Christ. Your Word declares that whoever believes in Christ, the cornerstone, will not be put to shame! (I Peter 2:1-6)

May He Grant: May 28th

May 28: Ask God to give us spirits of humility, and that we would be open to correction and sensitive to any needed areas of growth as we prepare for cross-cultural service.

Something we learned clearly at ICC is that no one is immune to failing. Missionaries are not perfect. Whether you’ve served 3 days or 20 years, pride can lead you down a dangerous path.

As we continue to draw closer to our departure date for Papua New Guinea, pray that God would keep us humble, and surround us with people who are willing to speak truth into our lives so we can grow in our service to Christ and Papua New Guinea.



May He Grant: May 27th

May 27: Pray for the thousands of Papua New Guineans who are hearing God’s Word in their language through audio recordings. Pray that the truth would be clear to them and that they  would turn to the Lord.

In many cultures, truth is still understood best when it is heard, rather than read. Wycliffe works to get Scripture to people in many different forms, and in Papua New Guinea, audio recordings are a powerful tool that is often used in conjunction with printed Scripture.

Please join us in praying that as the Word of Life are listened too, they would soak into people’s hearts and minds, and that God would use them to draw many to Himself.

We listen to it daily. At noon we listen to it. We listen to it before going to sleep. Then we pray. Then we sleep.— Papua New Guinean man speaking about audio Scripture

Read more about the power of audio recordings in Papua New Guinea on the Wycliffe USA blog.

May He Grant: May 26th

May 26: Ask the Lord to provide 5 new monthly partners this week. That the Lord would give them a passion for many different languages in the world, and that none is without meaning. (1 Corinthians 14:10)

It’s Day 26 of our May He Grant prayer focus. Thank you so much for continuing to pray with us!!

I shared last Monday that God was reminding us that we don’t have the power to accomplish anything, by setting us in the mountains, with very limited internet access. We were praying last week for five new partners, as we are today, and as we have every Monday throughout May.

God is able, He is good, and He is ultimately sufficient for all our needs! From Saturday through this morning, He provided five new partners! He has also brought us to over 75% of our monthly ministry budget!! We server a mighty, living God.

Please pray alongside us that this week He would provide at least 5 new partners, and even bring us to 100% of our budget. Can He do it? Without. a. doubt.

Lord, You are so worthy of praise! Thank you for all You have done in the past few days. We ask you to continue to move. Stir people’s hearts, and fill them with a vision of Your glory, in every language. Your Word says that there are many different languages in the world. 800 of those languages are in Papua New Guinea, and you declare that none of them is without meaning. We long to see you glorified in every language, Lord, and we thank You that Your sufficiency is able to do all that we long for! We ask you to provide 5 new financial partners this week who long for the same thing. We ask You to do this in Your power, for Your name’s sake!

May He Grant: May 23rd

May 23: Pray for healthy transitions for Isaiah as he says goodbye to friends, family, familiar places and ways of doing things. Ask for healthy grieving, and an excitement for what is to come in PNG.

Today is Day 23 of our May He Grant prayer focus. We are incredibly grateful to each one of you praying alongside of us!

We continue to have unreliable internet access during our time in the mountains.

Isaiah loved adventure, nature, and all things “boy.” He can’t wait to get to Papua New Guinea, and already has two friends that he met during ICC that he is excited to have movie nights with in Ukarumpa. Pray that he will maintain that excitement, and that as he says good-bye to friends, family, Tupelo, and our home church, that God will be with Him and give Him peace.

Checking out a "mud lizard" at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Photo credit: Star Noir Studios

Checking out a “mud lizard” at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Photo credit: Star Noir Studios

May He Grant: May 20th

May 20: Pray for healthy transitions for Talia as she says goodbye to friends, family, familiar places and ways of doing things. Ask the Lord to give her peace and a sense of safety despite many changes.

It’s Day 20 of our May He Grant prayer focus! Thank you so much for joining with us.

We celebrated Talia Anne’s first birthday yesterday!! So incredibly blessed by this sweet girl and all the evidence of grace she is to us!

Talia’s life so far has already been one of almost constant transition, and that will continue for at least the next year. Please pray that as we go from place to place, even in her limited understanding, she will feel safety and security. Although her environment may be constantly changing, pray that she will know that she is incredibly loved and precious, and pray for wisdom as we parent our first child who will only know life as an MK (missionary kid).

Ready to travel - again!

Ready to travel – again!

May He Grant: May 19th

May 19: Ask the Lord to provide 5 new monthly partners this week. May He use them to bring his sons from afar and his daughters from the ends of the earth.

It’s Day 19 of our May He Grant prayer focus! Thank you so much for joining with us.

We continue to ask God to provide 100% of our monthly budget, and we believe new partners are crucial to meeting this need. Right now we are in the mountains of Pigeon Forge visiting with my family. This trip was planned several months ago, before we realized where we would be in regards to our monthly budget. However, it’s been a great reminder that ultimately, our financial provision is in God’s hands, not ours. He is just as able to raise up partners when we are busy talking to people as He is able to raise up partners when we are “cut off” from communications in many ways – we don’t even have internet here, other than limited data on smart phones or tablets.

God keeps His Word, and He promises that He will bring His sons and daughters from the ends of the earth.

I will say to the north, Give up, and to the south, Do not withhold; bring my sons fro afar and my daughters fro the end of the earth, everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made. Isaiah 43:6-7

If you don’t see any posts from us this week, please be patient with us. And pray that God will move while we are silent!

May He Grant: May 17th

May 17: Ask God for protection from illness or injury at POC.

It’s Day 17 of our month of prayer focus, May He Grant. You can read more about our heart for this month, and print out a complete prayer guide for the month here.

Pacific Orientation Course, or POC, is a mandatory Wycliffe training for those serving in the Pacific. This training focuses on an understanding of culture, and includes language learning, as well as how to live in this part of the world. There will be several hikes, swims, and a 4-week village stay. We have heard from so many people that POC is an experience that they would never change, and we are excited to attend! We are also aware that injury or illness is a risk, so we appreciate your prayers beginning now for protection.

For a more detailed glimpse into POC, here’s a video:

May He Grant: May 16th

May 16: Ask God to grant opportunities for many home meetings and speaking engagements during May and June so that awareness of Bibleless people groups and the amazing things God is doing through Bible translation will be increased.

It’s Day 16 of our month of prayer focus, May He Grant. You can read more about our heart for this month, and print out a complete prayer guide for the month here.

We live in an exciting time for Bible translation, when the number of language groups still needing a translation is rapidly going down! We could see the last Bible translation for the last language group started in our lifetime! Praise the Lord, for He has done mighty things! So many people for so many years have poured out their hearts on their knees for that day to come!

There is still much to be done. Almost 2,000 language groups are waiting for a Bible translation to begin. Almost 300 of those language groups are in Papua New Guinea. At Wycliffe, we are asking God for Vision 2025 – with the goal that a translation project will be started in each of these remaining languages by the year 2025.

You may not realize it, but we have already begun the work of our missionary roles with Wycliffe. Our current assignment is not only to complete our partnership team, but more importantly to raise awareness about Bible poverty in our world. So many people have no idea how much work there is still to be done in Bible translation. We consider it a great responsibility to do all we can to arrange places where we can speak and encourage people to become involved in missions, whether in homes of people we know, children’s Sunday school classes, or speaking to churches.

Pray that the Lord would open the doors, and that He would use us to build a vision and passion within the local church about missions, for the sake of His name!