May He Grant: May 17th

May 17: Ask God for protection from illness or injury at POC.

It’s Day 17 of our month of prayer focus, May He Grant. You can read more about our heart for this month, and print out a complete prayer guide for the month here.

Pacific Orientation Course, or POC, is a mandatory Wycliffe training for those serving in the Pacific. This training focuses on an understanding of culture, and includes language learning, as well as how to live in this part of the world. There will be several hikes, swims, and a 4-week village stay. We have heard from so many people that POC is an experience that they would never change, and we are excited to attend! We are also aware that injury or illness is a risk, so we appreciate your prayers beginning now for protection.

For a more detailed glimpse into POC, here’s a video:

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