Photo Friday: Village Living Throwback

After the busyness of last weekend’s women’s retreat, this week has been spent resting, recovering, and playing with friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to pull my camera out much.

So this week I thought it would be fun to go back a bit, to our village living. There are lots of great pictures from the village that we haven’t had the chance to share yet, and this seemed like a good time to share them with you all!

IMG_0770One of the ways the boys entertained themselves in the village was running the chickens, or any other poultry they could find. Sophia was often in on the fun, too. On this particular day they may managed to capture the duck they were chasing, and were extremely proud of themselves.


Loom bands were another popular activity. Makaylah and Sophia gave a few bracelets as gifts. Soon all the girls in our wasfamily wanted to learn how to make them. In this picture, Makaylah is making bracelets with several friends before church. We were thankful to have brought plenty to share.


This little spot is where we spent most of our village living time, getting to know our wasfamily and learning Tok Pisin.


This drum oven was amazing. A friend of our wasfamily brought it to our village for our birthday. Racks had been built into the inside. A fire would be built underneath the racks. We made brownies and cakes in here, and they turned out just as good as anything baked in my gas or electric ovens.

IMG_0873I’ll leave you today with Boss. Boss belongs to our waspapa and wasmama. Boss em i traipela pik! (Boss is a huge pig!)

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