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Home Sweet Home

March was an interesting month! We finished up our time at JAARS on March 8th. From there, we went to Tullahoma, TN and spent a few days with David’s parents. We arrived back in Tupelo on March 13th. It’s been wonderful to be back at our home church, and to catch up with friends and family. We’ve also been working on tolerating ambiguity, as David mentioned, while we looked for a viable temporary housing option for our family. We will be in Tupelo until the beginning of June at least. Long enough to need a space of our own, but not long enough to sign a 6 month or 1 year lease. Some precious friends allowed us to stay in their home while we looked for something, which was a tremendous blessing.

Mimi & Girls at Fall Cree Falls

After several ups and downs, God led us to just the right house. We are thankful to have a place to call home for this season, and we appreciate your prayers as we settle into a new routine. Transition is going to be our “normal” for quite awhile.

Our new house - thankful for the Lord's provision.

Our new house – thankful for the Lord’s provision.

Headed out for our first walk around the neighborhood

Headed out for our first walk around the neighborhood


Fun at the park that is in walking distance.