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Three Weeks

We completed our church interview Tuesday, and we both had our membership interviews this week. We feel like all of those went well, and we appreciate your prayers more than you can possibly know!

From this point, our Personnel Administrator will need to conduct an interview with our church leadership, and then he needs to transcribe all the interviews, and make a recommendation to his supervisor on whether our application should be approved or denied. How long that process takes can depend on a few factors, especially as he is also working with two other applicant couples. However, he told me that ball park for those steps to be completed is three weeks. That is just a ball park, and it could easily take less or more time, which we totally understand.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for protection from discouragement during the next few weeks. For David, twelve years of his life have been leading up to this point. For me, about ten years. We are so excited to be here, but it is a scary time as well.

For now we wait (again). I knew we were going to have to get good at this!