David and Melissa Smith along with their six children, Makaylah, Sophia, Isaiah, Nehemiah, Talia, and Elora, work to support Bible Translation through software development and recruiting in the island nation of Papua New Guinea.

Welcome to SmithsOnAMission

Thank you for visiting. We hope that you get some insight into our work in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

David's Role

Supporting Bible Translation through Information Technology. Some of the skills David uses are programming, web and mobile development, and Linux support. These are just a few of the skillsets that David uses while in Papua New Guinea.

Some of David's Hobbies:

  • Learning
  • Photography
  • Video editing
  • Anything to do with the Python programming language


Melissa's Role

Melissa has various roles. From supporting the family's efforts in day to day life all the way to teaching and recruitment. She has used her skills with getting the word out on social media in order to help our local branch recruit new teachers.

Some of Melissa's Hobbies:

    Supporting Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea